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Want Life Elevated?    Pick PT!

Want Life Elevated? Pick PT!

Want To Recover Fast? Pick PT!

Want To Recover Fast? Pick PT!

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Pick PT Physical Therapy

Pick PT was founded in 2019 with the strong belief that optimal healing requires a blend of healthy movement and skillful guidance. Recognizing that a high level mixture of those characteristics results in an elevated life. Get back to live life moving!  With Pick PT Physical Therapy skillfully treating your problem, you’ll save time and money, promptly get out of pain and get back to what you love to do. 

Our clinics provide clean, energetic and uplifting atmospheres for your visit. Pick PT Doctors of Physical Therapy serve a wide range of patients with orthopedic, spine, sports, and vestibular issues to powerfully get you back to your daily activities. We guide you through your injury from start to finish providing an online home program to prevent the injury from repeating in the future.

We are committed to providing a unique environment that is uplifting, high-skilled and service-oriented, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Come visit us, so we can get you back to living an elevated life again!

What Our Patients Say

Cordell Pickering is a wonderful physical therapist! He always made me feel like he sincerely cared about me, not just as a patient but also as a person. He was always conscientious of my pain level. He was able to quickly make me feel comfortable with him and his abilities to care for me. He always seemed happy to answer my questions and took time to explain my care as he worked with me.


Dr. Pickering was so easy to work with! I came in with hip/lower back pain on my right side. He worked with me to locate exactly what was causing me pain. He prescribed me some exercises to do daily at home to help myself feel better and it worked! After some time of doing the exercises my pain is gone. I appreciated his help as it has helped me live my life pain free.

Natalie B.

Cordell Pickering of PickPT set up shop at the 2018 Palisades Ultra Trail Series, in which the runners spent two days in rugged wilderness races ranging from 13.1 to 100+ miles in length. His skills as a physical therapist are only matched by his calm and professional demeanor, especially when dealing with athletes experiencing severe pain and discomfort. Several runners stated that he ‘saved’ their race! We would recommend the PickPT clinic to any athletes or athletic organizations looking to get an edge on injury prevention and rehab.

Palisades Ultra Trail Staff

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