Sports Medicine in Idaho Falls

At Pick PT, we understand the incredible value that athletics can provide in our lives. We also understand the difficulty that injuries can cause in a person's life both on the field and off. Many of our physical therapists actively participated in high school athletics and had their seasons severely interrupted due to injuries. Our team of skilled physical therapists are here to help you recover from your injury or help with conditioning in preparation for an upcoming season.

Injury Recovery

Regardless of the sport, basketball, football, volleyball, or running, injuries happen. When they happen, it can be devastating. We know what you're going through and we understand the struggle. At Pick PT, we have years of experiencing helping athletes get back to living their life moving! Some of what we do to help our patients after an injury include the following:

  • Taping and proper bracing - After an injury we need to properly brace and support the injured area.
  • Muscle stretching - We need to help the body stay loose and promote blood flow to the site of the injury. Stretching can help the body heal.
  • Custom training regiment development - We will put together a game plan to help you recover after your injury. We want to get you back to doing the things you love. Our custom developed plans will help you do just that.
  • Injury rehabilitation - We'll track your process throughout your visits with us to make sure you are healing the way that you need to.

Injury Prevention & Conditioning

There is a timeless idiom that states an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is basically stating that it's easier and often better to do work to prevent an injury than to have to work through the rehabilitation and recovery process afterwards.

  • Pre-season screening - There are certain indicators that injuries may be more likely to happen. If we can find these various indicators early enough, we can act early creating custom plans to reduce injury likelihood.
  • Flexibility improvements - Helping athletes improve the way they stretch and their overall flexibility can go a long way to prevent injuries. 
  • Proper athletic conditioning - Certain injuries are often caused by weakness in certain portions of the body. If we can strengthen and improve the muscles around those areas, we can help you prevent injuries. 

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Give us a call, the sport injury therapists here at Pick PT, the Idaho Falls Physical Therapy Clinic,  love helping athletes obtain peak performance. We have the experience to help you play at your best or get back to playing again!