Workman’s Comp Rehabilitation 

Workers’ compensation, or workman’s comp, is a mandatory insurance program that is designed to ensure that workers who experience on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses are compensated for medical care, lost wages, and any type of long term disability resulting from these incidents. Physical therapy is often recommended by treating physicians as reasonably necessary treatment, and therefore is often paid for by workman’s comp. This may include physical therapy treatment immediately after an injury to aid in recovery and/or rehabilitation.

How the Condition Impacts Lives

Being injured at work can bring on a lot of undue stress as oftentimes, your injury may have resulted in less work capabilities. It is our goal to help you return to a normal work lifestyle and a work hardening program specifically designed by our clinicians to fit your needs. We know it is important to both you and your employer to reduce costs so we make it our aim to get you back to living life moving as quick as possible.

What Pick PT Does to Help

Pick PT prides itself in our patients and we always put them and their interests above anything else. Our clinicians are trained in evidence based treatment to get patients better quicker and we work closely with you and your employer to meet your specific goals that will allow you to return back to being you and working once again.

Condition FAQs

Q: Will I be required to pay for my visits?

A: Based on the agreement with your case manager and your employer, your visits are likely to be covered 100%. If there is any discrepancy, your case manager will be the best individual to reach out too.